Helping small business owners
grow and expand



Welcome to Expand!



Welcome to Expand!

Expand Limited is a New Zealand owned business based in Upper Hutt, Wellington.
We service businesses in the wider Wellington region and Wairarapa.

At Expand we are committed to helping small business owners grow and expand successfully in business.

We offer quality, honest and professional Learning and Development Solutions.

our services

At Expand we design our training services especially for our clients, the small and medium-sized businesses.  Our solutions offer business owners and their staff opportunities to develop their skills to grow personally and expand their business.


management training

We can give you the tools for;

  • recruitment, selection and interview techniques
  • induction training for new staff
  • performance management
  • employee development

sales/service design training

We can help you to;

  • identify and develop a new product, service or programme.
  • learn how to start doing telesales or face-to-face sales

computer training

We can design training programmes for your computer systems and software and be the person who can interpret any technical requirements for your users.

we also offer

career coaching

We offer Career Coaching sessions to those who are looking for help with applying for their next job.  The sessions include Career Planning, CV and Cover Letter Preparation and Interview Techniques.


write material

We can design and develop operational processes and procedures for your business.  Write Instruction Manuals for internal business systems to ensure you and your staff have the right information to minimise stress and loss of productivity.


As a small business owner, if you find yourself if this situation and not sure what to do, download and read this free article.  The information provided will give you some guidance and tips on what to do.  If you would like any further assistance please contact us.

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Helping small business owners grow and expand